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Co-Founder of Intent Training Methods
Fitness and Nutrition Coach

With 15 years in the fitness industry, Hien is living her dream and life purpose. As a Holistic Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Hien helps educate individuals how to live from the inside and out. She believes that each individual has the potential to create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable while facilitating new goals and desires. She helps build confidence within each individual to be the best version of themselves. 

As a lifelong learner, Hien holds many fitness and nutrition certifications. She believes that in order to give her clients the best results and training experience, she must continue to widen both her breadth and depth of all things fitness. Hien’s deep passion is Women’s Health and all the Motherhood transitions have to offer. She believes through her work, she can create a safe space for women to support their goals and to ignite their power from within. 

B.S. Nutritional Science, M.S. in Business Administration

Crossfit Level 2 

USA Weightlifting Certification

Certified Functional Strength Coach 


Working Against Gravity Certified Nutrition Coach



Co-Founder of Intent Training Methods
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jeff began his fitness coaching career in 2010. An ex-division 1 baseball player, Jeff spent his college career battling injuries caused by over stressing his body both in the gym and on the field. These injuries lead him to educate himself on training principles that would help him build strength and resiliency to avoid future injury. This self education turned fitness into a passion for Jeff as he saw the dramatic impact consistent strength training, nutrition and lifestyle modifications improved his quality of life, both mentally and physically.

Jeff has spent the last 12 years progressing his career from starting at a commercial gym, to corporate settings and then into the private gym facilities and Crossfit group coaching. Jeffs success training clientele of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds allowed him to start his own Personal Training and individualized coaching business with his wife Hien in 2021.

What he enjoys most about training clients is seeing the life changing results his methods and programs produce. Jeff understands a clients training program must be balanced with their life demands and stressors to see optimal results. He prides himself on being able to meet his clients where they are at to help them achieve goals that are beyond their expectations.



Certified Crossfit Coach Level 3

USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach

Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 2

Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification


Lauren Perrucci

Mind-Body Strength Coach 

Lauren walked away from tech burnout in 2021 to pursue her passion in coaching and strength training. She is dual certified as a Somatic Coach/Bodyworker and Functional Strength Coach, offering her clients a unique approach to holistic wellness. 


Lauren helps her clients develop their own unique sense of self - in life and body - by getting super clear on what they truly want. Together, they develop an individualized plan to not only achieve goals, but also to find purpose in the process along the way. 


Outside of the gym, Lauren loves to cook with her family and enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. She lives in Willow Glen with her husband, Tony, and two young boys. 


BS Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Strozzi Institute Somatic Coach, ICF ACC 

Strozzi Institute Somatic Bodyworker, Level 1 

Certified Functional Strength Coach, Level 1

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