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Intent Training Methods delivers personalized fitness in a small group setting. This way you still get the motivation of a community atmosphere without sacrificing your individual needs and goals.
Whether you are looking to take your performance to the next level, or simply want to focus on your health and fitness, Intent Training methods will create a customized program for you that takes into account your current lifestyle, abilities, training history and goals.

Individualized Personalized Program can be in-person or remote. 



1:1 training classes are customized to fit each clients schedule, abilities and goals or can even be used to work technique in a specific movement that they’d like to perfect. 

Personal training sessions are a great starting point for clients that are new to fitness, and aren’t yet comfortable joining an individualized small group class. 

Please note: personal training can also be used to supplement a clients current remote or in person small group individual design program. 

Sessions are available for 30 or 60 minutes.



The personalized nutrition program is for clients that want to further refine their nutritional approach beyond basic recommendations, and general advice around lifestyle factors and habit change.

The PN Program is individualized to help you reach your specific goals while  still maintaining a sense of balance in your life. 

The PN program is not a 180 approach as most diets are-it is meant to create balance in your life by making slight modifications while you’re still able to eat (most of) the foods you enjoy. This is the key to sustainable and long term success. This program is not meant as a “diet” but as something you can eventually maintain and stick with for life. 

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